ARCS Precision Technology Co., Ltd. was set up in 2004. It is the professional manufactory in the development and supply the optical measuring equipment. There are non-contact measuring system , linear scales (linear encoders) and digital readouts (readout system).

  ARCS International Trading Company was established on 2011 and responsible all exporting sales and service for ARCS manufactory. It reaches to offer the professional and quickly service for all distributors worldwide.

  The Traditional optical profile projector (optical comparator) is the familiar inspection equipment for many years. It is due to the profile projector (optical comparator) can not satisfy the request of high accuracy and speed from the High-Technology Industry. The non-contact video measuring system use the CCD to capture the image and instead of the profile projector (optical comparator).

  The non-contact video measuring system could offer the effective solution to solve the inconvenience of changing the lens and difficult to measure the surface of working piece on the profile projector (optical comparator). Increase the function of statistics analysis and make SPC report directly.

  Considering the Economic Development in Taiwan, from OEM, ODM to OBM, ARCS decide to have a RD team to design and development the metrology video measuring system and create the ARCS brand. The products have been successfully put on sale in global markets. In order to expand our service, we still strengthened our technical cooperation, established length of calibration laboratory (TAF) which is reaching CNLA standard in 2006. ARCS is the only laboratory which could do the calibration both of profile projector and non-contact measurement equipment in Taiwan.

Main Product:
1. Vision Measuring System
 (Non-Contact Measuring System & CNC Non-Contact Measuring System & Coordinate Measuring Machines)

2. Metrology Software
 SI-102 Cross-Hair measuring software for vision measuring system
 SI-101 Multi-function image measuring software for vision measuring system
 SI-901 CNC Vision measurement software for vision measuring system

3. Accessories
 The accessories are for the optical measurement equipment. There are the learning kit, calibration gauge, rotarytable,illumination controller, objection lens, magnetic holder, zoom lens, step lens, single sine plate with magnetic chuck, vise etc.

4. Linear Scale ( Linear encoders) and Digital Readouts (DRO)

ARCS Precision Technology Co., Ltd.

ARCS International Co., Ltd.

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